About us

about us  

Why our story is different

Many websites will tell you how they have been built with pain, sweat and tears, to give you a story of their triumph and success. VaultWill is different. VaultWill was born out of a different type of pain and a different type of tears.

VaultWill has been crafted with consideration, foresight and first-hand experience of what it is like to be a power of attorney (PoA) holder and an executor of an estate for loved ones in the later stages of their lives.

One of the key learnings is that if you leave it until the end of your life, it is too late. It is about forward planning for any life event, whenever that might strike, and that is what makes VaultWill the ideal tool to help you plan for your future and to protect the ones you love.

Who we are

VaultWill is privately funded by the owners, Tracy and Stephen, and a number of investors including several accountants, lawyers, and IT experts. Tracy is a successful director of an administration company and Stephen is a statistician in the healthcare arena.

Trusted experience

Throughout the years, Tracy and Stephen have been asked by no fewer than 10 different people (family, friends, even neighbours) to act as their PoA and/or executor. To be given such a task is not only a monumental responsibility but it is also a mark of the utmost respect that people trust you in their hour of need. Some of these have been as simple as “sealed envelopes” being passed over for safekeeping until they need to be opened; whereas others have resulted in more open, direct conversations. These conversations were once difficult but are now normal and part of the life process.

Using our learnings, experience and the advice that we have been given along the way, we decided to put this to good use to help other people prepare for the future. Avoiding talking about and preparing for closure of one’s estate not only causes additional grief for loved ones during their time of darkness but also results in expensive, rash decisions being made, many of which can be avoided with some forward planning.

VaultWill: a system made simple

The VaultWill system talks you through what you need to do, how you need to do it and when you need to take action.


We will never pass on your details, and they will only be used to inform you about VaultWill as a service.