Almost half of UK adults don’t have a will.
Should you?


A survey carried out in January 2018 by Macmillan Cancer Support discovered that an astonishing 42% of adults don’t have a will.

Why are wills important?

A will lets you decide what you want to happen to your money, property and possessions when you die. Having a will can make the process of handling your assets much simpler and quicker for your friends and relatives; not having one can result in your affairs being in a lengthy state of uncertainty.

Why then do people choose not to have a will?

Likely reasons include:

Cost: Without doing any research, the anticipated cost of seeking legal advice to draw up a will may seem like an expense you can’t spare, yet it can cost as little as £120 for a single person’s will and £200 for a couple’s. That’s comparatively little to have your affairs put in order and ensure your family is protected in the event of your death.

Procrastination: You simply haven’t got round to doing it – there’s always something far more urgent to do. On a day-to-day basis, this may well be the case, but by not making the time to detail your wishes on paper, you can’t legally promise anything to your friends and relatives.

“I don’t need a will, I have nothing to leave”:

A will isn’t just about designating who receives particular items or money, it:

  • sets out invaluable instructions such as who you want to appoint to look after your children should there be no surviving parent;
  • allows you to nominate your executor, the person you would like to deal with your estate once you’ve gone.

Uncomfortable considering the future: Whilst it may be a conversation you and your loved ones shirk from, imagine the heartache it were to cause if you died without saying how you wanted your estate to be distributed.

Dying without a will

Factors such as those above have led to a trend that has been termed “will apathy”; the upshot of which is family not being protected in the event of serious ill health or, graver still, death.

All too often, family members are left picking up the pieces as a result of a will not being made – problems which can go on for years – and the thing is, death is something we can’t avoid. It’s the one certainty of life, ironically. So, we might as well prepare and protect the future of our loved ones, to spare them from any financial trauma arising out of dying ‘intestate’ (without a will).

VaultWill is here to help

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