Joint online access made simple

Richard, a company executive, is married with two children, who attend a private school. He and his wife, Karen, have a mortgage on their family home and two buy-to-lets. Richard’s four previous jobs all offered pension plans.

His company gives stock options and the opportunity to participate in a ‘save as you earn’ scheme. He has several ISAs and has invested in shares over the years.

With Richard struggling to collate the documentation for these various investments, it became apparent that Karen had no idea where everything was kept. Having joint access to their personal finances – in one place – has benefitted them enormously. In addition, VaultWill prompted Richard and Karen to take out inheritance tax (IHT) planning insurance, something they had never factored into their plans when making their will.

Access through action

Graham is retired, with a good pension and a portfolio of stocks and shares. He and his wife, Judith, have two children, who don’t live locally. They see them a few times a year, given the distance and them having families and busy lives.

With friends passing, Graham and Judith felt the need to address the management and accessibility of their personal affairs.

Having that conversation with your children is difficult, and one that can easily be put off, but Graham and Judith took action, action which means that their children will be able to administer their estate once they have gone. In fact, they, too, have moved onto the VaultWill platform to protect their own legacy!

Family focus

Suzie works in publishing in London. She is in her mid-40s and has recently divorced. With the change in family circumstances, Suzie wanted to ensure her three young children would be well looked after should anything happen to her.

Now a single parent, Suzie needed to take stock of her assets. Wanting her personal finances documented in one place, it seemed the right time to collate them in the VaultWill system. Safe in the knowledge her children’s legacy has been recorded in one location, Suzie now feels prepared for whatever the future may hold for them.

Preparing for your young children’s welfare and security for any life event is something we don’t like to dwell on; but forward planning will ensure any decisions you may have made mentally will be followed through physically. Getting your affairs in order brings peace of mind, enabling you to focus on and enjoy your family journey.

Sharing spares stress

David started up his plumbing business at the age of 25. Over the past 30 years, he has successfully crafted it into the thriving firm it is today. His wife Lynne is a college lecturer. They have a daughter and twin boys, all working or at university.

David first sought financial planning advice a year ago for guidance in handling the different schemes he has, namely ISAs, unit trusts and pension funds. These schemes entail a lot of paperwork and he was finding it difficult to manage it all in his head. This led David to realise that if he was no longer here, Lynne wouldn’t have a clue where to start. If he couldn’t organise it mentally, how could she – he had always taken care of the finances.

To spare her the stress, David decided to have their accounts documented and stored securely online. He has now saved not just Lynne but himself unnecessary worry, knowing that if anything happened to him, everything would be easily accessible and clearly laid out for his wife and children.


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