VaultWill protects your legacy by securely storing the details of all your assets and accounts. Think of it as an electronic box of all the details needed by your next of kin. Should anything happen to you, your assets will be found and distributed according to your will – and your wishes can be adhered to.
Simply click on TRY FOR FREE and create your VaultWill account.
It’s important you put in the location of your bank account (and other assets), for example HSBC, Standard Life, but you don’t need to record the value of the cash in the account – unless you want to. Knowing the name of the bank is enough for an executor to find the asset. The responsibility for releasing final information remains with the financial institution.
Of course! You can view and edit your VaultWill account from your mobile or tablet, as well as a laptop or desktop computer. All you need is a web browser and an internet connection.
VaultWill is available wherever the internet is available! However, the terminology we use and any processes we describe all refer to England and Wales.
After you sign up, you can log into your account from (this website), and from any of the links in emails and texts that we have sent you.
As secure as we can make it, to the highest industry standards. For more technical details on how we do that, please visit our Security page.
Before you cancel your VaultWill account, please ensure you have downloaded any documents you stored with us and that you are in possession of the originals.

​To proceed with your cancellation, select the delete button on your account admin dashboard. This will permanently and securely remove your data.
In your VaultWill account, you can name your executors, trusted advisers and power of attorney holders.
Your named executors, trusted advisers and power of attorney holders need three separate pieces of information to log into your account.

We at VaultWill take your security very seriously. As a measure to protect against accidental or fraudulent access requests, we have put in place a short freeze period of 1 to 7 days following a request to unlock a vault. A request to unlock will generate an email to you, the vault holder, asking for confirmation of the unlock.

If the system is being used correctly, i.e. there is a genuine request to unlock the vault, you would not be able to answer the email sent to you as you would have either passed on or be incapacitated (unable to act on your own).

Should a request be made either in error or maliciously, this freeze period will allow you time to reply to the unlock email and prevent the unauthorised access.
You can upload unlimited files (fair usage rules apply), save unlimited assets and add up to 12 executors, power of attorney holders, and any trusted partners whenever you want, as often as you want.

We will never pass on your details, and they will only be used to inform you about VaultWill as a service.